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Mark Gariepy

Founder, Senior Partner, Consultant

Mr. Gariepy has over 25 years of computer experience. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, his career spans a wide breadth of consulting experience with a variety of clients.   He has provided application development, systems analysis, and technical expertise in support of government programs for prime contractors including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Litton PRC, CSC, Ball Aerospace and Oracle.

In the role of Cyber Security Architect, Mr. Gariepy has helped to implement various enterprise authentication and authorization solutions utilizing PKI certificates, CAC, Kerberos, ESSO, SOA Security, RBAC, ABAC, SAML, and LDAP.   These solutions utilized a variety of COTS products including Oracle OID, Oracle OVD, Oracle OAM, MS ILM, Oracle OES, IBM DataPower, Oracle RAC, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle OIF.

With the recent momentum towards cloud architecture, Mr. Gariepy has worked with customers to implement DevOps solutions coupled with automated deployment tools for the AWS Cloud environment.   These implementations insure consistent and repeatable deployments using Chef software and Amazon AWS APIs. He also provides his expertise in securing cloud application components.

In past projects, Mr. Gariepy led an UI development team to deploy a worldwide messaging and document retrieval system for the Department of State.   He has successfully deployed database-enabled expert systems for nuclear power plant post-maintenance test programs used by various utilities including Virginia Power and Portland Gas & Electric.   He has created strategic business development simulation software for Bechtel, Seagram Beverage and the API.   Mr. Gariepy led the full life cycle development effort of a custom J2EE API that included UML modeling, software development, testing and J2EE application server tuning.

As part of BEA Federal and Oracle’s elite National Security Group consulting practices, Mr. Gariepy executed multiple projects that accelerated time-to-value for customers by providing solutions that ultimately helped them achieve success.

As a trusted adviser, Mr. Gariepy excels at presenting technical concepts to senior leadership.   He is equally comfortable communicating design concepts with technical staff and is capable of implementing the solutions that he designs.


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As a trusted advisor and consultant, we focus on the most important issues regarding your implementation and identify a best practices approach to provide you with a solid solution.

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Technology Information Services, LLC was founded in 1987 and is located in Northern Virginia's technology corridor.

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