We provide secure solutions to DevOps utilizing:

Chef, Git, GitLab, Jenkins, Maven, JIRA, Nexus, Alfresco, Confluence, GitBlit, Crucible.

Cloud Architecture

Our solutions include the following practice areas utilizing AWS cloud:

EC2 Server Instance Creation, Security Groups, Elastic Block Storage, Snapshot Management, Elastic IPs, NAT configuration, load balancing and auto scaling.  Access control scenarios on the Simple Storage Solution (S3). VPC creation, private/public subnet configurations with custom NAT to route traffic between subnets. Identity Management role creation, RBAC applied to EC2 server instances. Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) clusters providing S3 data analysis. DynamoDB, SNS, CloudWatch, SQS, AWS Command Line Tools (CLI) and API.

Cyber Security & IdAM

Solutions include the following practice areas:

System & Network Defense, Confidentiality, Auditing, Direct Service, Identity Governance, Access Management, Cross Domain Security, Account Provisioning and Authentication.


Cyber Security & IdAM

TechInfo has implemented various enterprise authentication and authorization solutions utilizing PKI certificates, CAC, Kerberos, ESSO, SOA Security, RBAC, ABAC, SAML, and LDAP.   These solutions utilized a variety of COTS products including Oracle OID, Oracle OVD, Oracle OAM, MS ILM, Oracle OES, IBM DataPower, Oracle RAC, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle OIF.

DevSecOps and the Cloud

With the recent momentum towards cloud architecture, TechInfo has worked with customers to implement DevOps solutions coupled with automated deployment tools for the AWS Cloud environment.   These implementations insure consistent and repeatable deployments using Chef software and Amazon AWS APIs. Our expertise is used in securing cloud application components.


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